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Sourdough bread

From INGREDIENTS 5.35 oz / 150g bubbly, active starter 8.80 oz / 250g warm water, preferably filtered .90 oz / 25g olive oil 17.65 oz / 500g…

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Hidden hantaran

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Simplify offer 4G wifi router

for your refe

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Add wi-fi to RPi

How-To: Add WiFi to the Raspberry Pi After booting and logging-in you want to make sure that the Raspberry Pi found your new wireless adapter….

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Raspberry-Pi display issue

Without hmdi cable, normally the display will be very small when you VNC to Raspberry-Pi. This config works I added the following lines to my…

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Panduan e-filing

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Anytone AT878-UV mod 937 @50ms 1987 @50ms 487 @50ms 1578 @50ms 937 @50ms

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Bread and scone

Got this link from my good ‘ol friend. Will be my next To Do

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Anytone 878 UV – Optional Settings

Optional Setting

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Wall mend

120ML Mould Proof Home Wall Mending Instant Waterproof Repair Paste Quick Drying Practical Bathroom!98208390363!!!pla-368231893610!c!!!!423761931010!&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0pfzBRCOARIsANi0g0sIB-ew6xB_SgiFcb5ym_mW5z2r4WIn3moWm3g-7e-2SRlVGm-HQ2YaArpiEALw_wcB

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