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RaspberryPi as wireless router with firewall

I wanted to build a router firewall on Raspberry Pi for a long timeI first tested Pfsense and OpenWRT with no success, and on a fresh…

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Back in business

The last posting I got on this website is 11 Sep 2019.Seems like I lost 2 months of story when RasPi just decided not to…

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Svxlink for Echolink on RPi

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RPi links

Leow Kah Man

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FTP to RaspberryPi

Launch FileZilla and go to File > Site manager Fill in the IP address, username and password in the dialog and choose SFTP as the…

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New post after migration

This is my new post after the migration to the new server on 5/12 wordpress has permalink error 404 when click on the postingusing this…

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WP migration

Add this one Install All-in-one-WP-Migration from All in One WP Migration is not able to create /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-wp-migration/storage folder. You will need to create this…

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Get Raspberry Pi image using wget

wget -S

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